Storage services


Storage and transit

Interim holding of your goods in transit is at A&R Removals' secured storage warehouse. Our modern equipment and facilities ensure minimal handling of your goods, and our reinforced concrete warehouse is protected by a monitored security system. On request, your possessions will be delivered to your new premises in the same unit as they were originally packed.

Possessions can be stored either on a temporary, short or long term basis, and clients can arrange to retrieve some of the storage module contents from our warehouses as required, providing total flexibility. Clients can choose from either a Storage Module – a sturdy wooden crate, or a Storage Container – a larger shipping unit, both being dust free, secure, short or long-term.

Facilities and conditions

  • Modern warehouse facilities
  • Safe, hygienic conditions
  • Security surveillance
  • Proper inventory management of location and number of containers for each client
  • Close monitoring of building maintenance, electrics and plumbing, pest and vermin control
  • Fire fighting and management systems
  • Boat and car storage can be arranged
  • Goods can be released to be shipped locally or abroad
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