Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria. It is also known as the Event Capital due to the high number of events hosted in Melbourne. With its alpine outlooks, abundant forests, and remote beaches, Melbourne is an ideal destination for foodies, road trippers, and wildlife lovers. The city’s rich culture and beauty not only captures the eyes of its visitors, whether tourist or local, but also their hearts, making it a city hard to resist. 

As a family-run Australian moving company, A & R Removals has the process, the people, and the infrastructure in place to make every move as hassle-free as possible. We do our earnest to make sure that our customer’s expectations are met, if not surpassed, in every move we perform.

Melbourne removalists services

Melbourne Removalists Services


Performing an in-house or phone consultation is crucial in determining the requirements of the move. Using the details provided by the customers or information gathered during the visit, our Melbourne removalists can properly assess what needs to be done to ensure a successful move. This also allows our customers to raise their concerns regarding the moving process, including moving requirements, insurance policies, etc.


Depending on the size of the move, organising your belongings for the uplift can be a tedious task. When preparing for a move, you can’t just throw everything in random boxes. Everything has to be carefully packed in labelled boxes/containers to make sure that you won’t miss any items or forget what has been packed in what boxes. This also makes it easier to locate your things upon arriving at your new home. Our removalists can help you get your belongings packed using recommended packing techniques and equipment to make sure that everything is ready for the uplift.


Our skilled team of removalists in Melbourne can take care of every aspect of your move. With careful handling, secure transport, and friendly service you can rest assured that your belongings will reach your new home in the best possible condition. Whether you need heavy furniture moved or stored, we utilise the best equipment and training to ensure every job is completed without hassle.


We offer storage services in our various depots across Australia. If you would like to place some of your possessions in storage, we can help you arrange this with our nearest depot. We will pack all the goods in a storage module at your location, then move the storage module to its new destination.


Exit Clean

Doing an exit clean can be time-consuming, especially if you were not able to clean some parts of the house while packing. To avoid having to stay behind and do the cleaning once the uplift is done, you can arrange for a cleaner to get the job done for you. Our staff will be more than happy to help you touch base with one of our cleaning partners to arrange the post move clean.

Pet Relocation

At A & R Removals, we understand that some customers value their pets as part of the family. This is why we’ve partnered with Pet relocation specialists to make your pet’s move as convenient and comfortable as yours. Our team can help you to arrange the pet relocation services that are suitable for your pet’s needs.

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